The Magic of Love….


There is no remedy for love but to love more. 

Henry David Thoreau

It was 2009, ten years ago Jenny and Jason got married at Grand Coral Beach Club. 

It was them and their most beloved friends. 

Lots of details, great music with mariachi and Dj, incredible buzz and even a final jump into the pool!  

To me, Erica, what I remember the most was a magical gift just before the ceremony: 

a rainbow after a quick shower. 

As a planner it was a relief too. 

Checking on the weather and trying to make any kind of magic to avoid bad weather, like knives buried in the earth in a pot, a glass of  water turned upside-down, and mainly a prayer to the Mayan God of rain Chaak, can be taking quite a lot of  energy!

Time has passed very fast and this happily married couple came back to the Mayan Riviera to celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary with a very private Mayan Ceremony with Don Eduardo. 

This time I had a shaman  helping with the weather. The day before the forecast was not really “friendly”, though that day was spectacular…..

Having good connections help! 

The altar had its traditional offerings: cocoa, corn, flowers, the Mayan sacred drink balché and the ever present copal (it’s obtained from a resin on trees, mostly Bursera aloexylon, B. graveolens, B. jorullensis). 

Everything was ready for the ritual and was perfectly fitting the ambience.

The background this time was not the Caribbean Blue waters, but another natural treasure of our peninsula. A cenote!!

The smile on their faces was even brighter than the sun while they were walking hand in hand towards the wedding location. Carefree, relaxed and totally happy.

Surrounded by the luxurious Mayan jungle Jenny and Jason decided to renew their vows by a cenote, a deep natural well that exposes groundwater underneath, typical of this area of the Yucatan. It is a pretty unique location and it does make an epic frame for any wedding.

Alessandro from Photostudio AB was with them one more time. He portrayed the evolving and growing love of this beautiful couple. 

I do like when people elope. Yes, a big wedding can be spectacular, though nothing beats the intimacy and the emotions of two people who are simply in front of each other. Nothing else matters. It is a real celebration of love.

It is even more meaningful when after 5, 10 or more years two people decide to reaffirm their love, after going through all the ups and downs that life brings them. Now they really know each other. Getting married is the first step of a journey, a moment you will never forget, but the path that you build together from that moment forward is what is all about. When a bride in planning her wedding get a little lost and forgets that this magical day is just one day I always like to help her focus on the real meaning of what she is going through: you are choosing your companion and your special ally in life and adventures. Together you will walk holding hands. And their  hands  are still searching for each other and giving the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch, just like the day of the first wedding.

Well to keep the tradition and bringing it to an all new level Jenny and Jason could not miss the chance to jump into the crystal clear water of the  cenote and do a photo session. 

After all these years, you still make an amazing couple. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Miles!

May you get many more Adventures together to celebrate Life!! May your love get stronger and stronger  and …. see you again in 10 years!

Erica Bressan Senior Planner and Owner

From Italy with LOVE

Andrea and Daniela wrote over a year ago, they are both from Casale Monferrato, Italy, in the delightful hills of Piemonte, which means at the feet of the mountains.

They wanted to come to Playa, which they love dearly, with 40 friends and get married symbolically to celebrate 20 years together. I love that, because it is clear that getting married is the promise of love, but celebrate twenty years together means that the promise was kept… and keeps going!

So i jumped on the occasion and proposed the semi secluded beach of Paamul, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Paamul is a hidden gem a bay with very few hotels, one restaurant only and few tourists.

They loved it, so the party was organized with a prompt visit to their home town in Piemonte by yours truly (they do have excellent Dolcetto D’Alba, there and the food? mmmm… to die for!).

Ten months after the planning, Daniela, Andrea and a large group of Italian friends arrived in Playa, at the Magical Hotel Iberostar. We went to see them and had incredible fun shopping to accessories like sombreros, masks, collars and colorful blankets, to add folklore to the wedding.

When the Big day arrived, Daniela was very emotional, but Andrea was even more! Unfortunately, a deep rain fell just few minutes before the wedding, having us all wet and allowing us to use no chairs as the pillows were wet. Alas, Andrea was not missing one beat, wearing a sombrero as umbrella!

A big full moon was romantically hanging in the sky for us and Alessandro Banchelli, photographer, decided to immortalize the two before going home after an incredible dance party.

thanks to Kalu restaurant for the food and drinks, Floreria Jardin for flowers and decor and AB Photostudio for the great pics.

To Daniela and Andrea, i can only say one thing: auguri e figli maschi, like we say in Italy…(best wishes and boys!!)

Love that!

Forgive me if I will be a little emotional in this post, i just watched A star is born twice…. Shallow is now my fav song! yes I know I am a bit late, but FOMO has never been a thing for me…

These 2 beautiful people below are not only clients. They are friends. I have been a part of their life for 11 years.

I met Denee’ and Jamie over 11 years ago, when they started planning their wedding at the superb Grand Coral Beach club in Playa del Carmen.

She is a vibrant, vivacious, open minded and supremely beautiful woman that wanted to have her Mayan wedding in the Riviera Maya. Her husband to be, Jaimie, is a clever, dynamic, committed man that had the same life purpose as her: to build a great life together.


Jaimie and Denee’ 2009

When they married in May 2009 I was the lucky planner of a superb wedding for 115 people.

Mayan wedding with Don Luis, May 2009

Every 2 years i saw them come back to Playa del Carmen and always had to visit with them.

Offering to the Gods *it’s only flowers, easy eco lovers!

Life has had its great moments and tragic turns but they went on with love and strength and I was not surprised when Denee’ contacted me in March to celebrate their 10th Anniversary renewal ceremony, the Mayan way, on the beautiful bay of Paamul that is super secluded for a legendary 2 people only Mayan Ceremony.

The happy couple 2009

Now the ones who know me, know that i am a bit of a mystical, spiritual cynic. But in this case, tears of joy were shed by all.

Them 2019

Marriage is the promise of love, but coming back after 10 years to reinforce your vows is the promise kept.

Paamul 2019

Mayan ceremony with Don Eduardo

2019, 10 years walking together

Now and always counting on each other….

That takes my job way beyond the ordinary.

See you for the 20th anniversary> Italy this time?

I am the witness of the Eternity and Infinity of Love.
Love transforms and they are not the same people i met over 11 years ago but they have taken every step in their life and moved forward. They have undergone change and not only physical, but spiritual and mental . And yet they are always the same bright spirits ….

They shine a light and that light is the love and care they feel for one another. I am misty eyed talking about it, because love is what this world needs. And love is only a space of no judgement, HOME, a moment in time where you can be you in all of your full and whole imperfection.

Because Jaimie told it so beautifully: That is the place I’m from: You.

Denee’ and Jamie! I wish you both a happy and long amazing life, filled with new adventures and so much beauty. Words cannot describe the feelings. We are all so lucky to be alive, enjoy this moment as it is yours.

Now, listen, for the 20th anniversary….how about Venice?

Melody Vanessa and Axel, Pueblito Mayakoba’ and Grand Coral wedding

I know you guys are tired to hear me say that I always get the best clients, but I DO!!!

This  week´s featured wedding makes my heart sing. I want to start with a quote  from R. Queen, because this quote made me think about what do we do and how  we  do it. We love  our work, because  we cherish every client, we never take for granted  our vendors and we show our passion. That is the secret of our success.

Axel  and  Melody Vanessa are such kindred spirits, that when we met via Skype with their young son Mateo i just loved them with a  passion.

They were young, in love, accomplished, living in California, had 2 kids, and they had very clear ideas about their wedding.

A Catholic wedding in a unique location. lots  of great music, amazing  food, incredible scenery. A memory to cherish  for years to come.

I had a vision:

the church at  Pueblito Mayakoba’ and Grand Coral.

BAM!  they loved it!

We want to show it off immediately with  a 4´ video:

Mayakoba, an eco-resort on the shores of the Caribbean in Mexico, opened Riviera Maya’s newest attraction and event venue, El Pueblito, a few years ago.

Modelled after the historic plazas of Mexico, El Pueblito transports the culture and charm of Colonial Merida and San Miguel de Allende to the sandy beaches and jungle landscape of Mayakoba and is set to be the destination’s most sought-after location for weddings and private events.

Anchored by a beautiful white chapel – christened La Santa Cruz – the venue features a cozy park with a traditional kiosk in the center of the esplanade for entertainment, as well as shops and restaurants to create a traditional plaza. El Pueblito is accessible from  Playa in 15 minutes  and offers guests a new option not only for events, but also for socialising, casual dining, shopping, and fun for the whole family. The gentle manager, Mauricio, even allowed the bride to use the prepping room for make up and last touches! Thanks Mauricio.

The ceremony was touching but also light, with Father Quin performing in English  and Spanish for the bilingual families.

After the ceremony, a quick bus ride to  Grand  Coral for the 55  guests where  food and tequila was waiting for all….

Dinner in a simple yet unforgettable setting, thanks to Chef Rigel from Grand Coral Beach Club.

The party was great fun, Axel is a great lap  dancer…. ahaha!


Every guest had great fun, including the little ones.

Congratulations for a life time of happiness!!!



Grand Coral Beach Club, Chef Rigel

Photos and video

Fun in the  sun Wedding photography THANKS!


Vo-evolution by Natasha Bitch


La Santa Cruz Pueblito at  Mayacoba

Wedding  organiser

Maria Tripaldi at