Love from New York!

Jonathan and Tom contacted me over the summer of 2018. It was a hot August and i was in Venice, visiting my family. We had a phone call and I fell in love with them.

Vibrant, artistic and down to earth, they were MY kind of clients!

They were desperate, because, as often happens, they could not receive a straight answer from their AI hotel, where they wanted to host their wedding.

I love a challenge, so jumped right in after our preliminary interview, when I discovered that they were two magnificent (and stressed out) young men with a big heart.

I was so happy to work at this wedding because they are both artists and the details show. Tom made all the covers for the party and planned the suits, Jonathan with his artistic vision organized the 2 days party with incredible flaire and absolute sense of timing.

I went twice to Merida to buy all pillows and covers made of local material, that all guests took home!

The ceremony was held on the astonishing and bewilding (just coined this term) Island of Holbox, a gem of sand near Chiquila’. Your truly has a lovely home near that jungle.

Planning was complex but with their guidance it was easy to understand what they wanted and how to do it. Plus 20 years of wedding planning are making our job way breezier. On day May 2nd 101 artistic people from all over the World arrived to Isla Holbox. WE were ready to take this place!!

The first night was the ice breaker. Everyone showed their best wit improvising shows, dressing up, making up speeches, dances, choreographies and songs. It was incredible!

A huge bonfire on the beach, compliments of HM hotel, was enjoyed by all.

And wedding day, next day, was a dream come true.
The perfect set up, the amazing blue sky, the stunning palm trees near the sea, the tenderness of the love that all guests shared made this wedding a bit more stunning than others…. Look at their flare, holding the smoke bombs…. True talent.

During the ceremony a red string long several yards was passed to all and we all had a bracelet made. At the moment of cutting all of these strings, someone had taken my 40 scissors! PANIC!!

Finally a waiter brought them, he had taken them to the table, while i was Aaarghhh!

Those red strings were to join us all in a mutual embrace of Love and Blessing.

And after a woundrous beach wedding, the night party started with our drummer leading all on the terrace for hours of dance and fun.

Various DJ’s played and the party was to die for!!

Thanks to Marina Pochepkina and Team for photos and video, to HM hotel for the location and Tom Smith for the classy covers. GREAT thanks to Wilfrido Sanchez Arriaga for his incredible work! Thanks Jon & Tom for trusting me and being such great humans. See you in Italy, for sure!!

Our paths will cross again and i am sure there will be many more occasion to celebrate Life, Love and Now!!!

love you both to bits, Jon and Tom.

It was a magic night…. with lots of Wrestlers as you can see!

Kudos to all,


The Magic of Love….


There is no remedy for love but to love more. 

Henry David Thoreau

It was 2009, ten years ago Jenny and Jason got married at Grand Coral Beach Club. 

It was them and their most beloved friends. 

Lots of details, great music with mariachi and Dj, incredible buzz and even a final jump into the pool!  

To me, Erica, what I remember the most was a magical gift just before the ceremony: 

a rainbow after a quick shower. 

As a planner it was a relief too. 

Checking on the weather and trying to make any kind of magic to avoid bad weather, like knives buried in the earth in a pot, a glass of  water turned upside-down, and mainly a prayer to the Mayan God of rain Chaak, can be taking quite a lot of  energy!

Time has passed very fast and this happily married couple came back to the Mayan Riviera to celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary with a very private Mayan Ceremony with Don Eduardo. 

This time I had a shaman  helping with the weather. The day before the forecast was not really “friendly”, though that day was spectacular…..

Having good connections help! 

The altar had its traditional offerings: cocoa, corn, flowers, the Mayan sacred drink balché and the ever present copal (it’s obtained from a resin on trees, mostly Bursera aloexylon, B. graveolens, B. jorullensis). 

Everything was ready for the ritual and was perfectly fitting the ambience.

The background this time was not the Caribbean Blue waters, but another natural treasure of our peninsula. A cenote!!

The smile on their faces was even brighter than the sun while they were walking hand in hand towards the wedding location. Carefree, relaxed and totally happy.

Surrounded by the luxurious Mayan jungle Jenny and Jason decided to renew their vows by a cenote, a deep natural well that exposes groundwater underneath, typical of this area of the Yucatan. It is a pretty unique location and it does make an epic frame for any wedding.

Alessandro from Photostudio AB was with them one more time. He portrayed the evolving and growing love of this beautiful couple. 

I do like when people elope. Yes, a big wedding can be spectacular, though nothing beats the intimacy and the emotions of two people who are simply in front of each other. Nothing else matters. It is a real celebration of love.

It is even more meaningful when after 5, 10 or more years two people decide to reaffirm their love, after going through all the ups and downs that life brings them. Now they really know each other. Getting married is the first step of a journey, a moment you will never forget, but the path that you build together from that moment forward is what is all about. When a bride in planning her wedding get a little lost and forgets that this magical day is just one day I always like to help her focus on the real meaning of what she is going through: you are choosing your companion and your special ally in life and adventures. Together you will walk holding hands. And their  hands  are still searching for each other and giving the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch, just like the day of the first wedding.

Well to keep the tradition and bringing it to an all new level Jenny and Jason could not miss the chance to jump into the crystal clear water of the  cenote and do a photo session. 

After all these years, you still make an amazing couple. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Miles!

May you get many more Adventures together to celebrate Life!! May your love get stronger and stronger  and …. see you again in 10 years!

Erica Bressan Senior Planner and Owner